Buying A Franchise

Franchises are an affordable option to reduce your risk and increase your likelihood of success. With more than 4,000 different franchises in more than 80 categories, it’s not all about flipping burgers anymore! Our clients are energized by the many low-cost options including senior care, education, pet care, home repair and many more. Our job is to help you find the right fit.

A franchise is a great option for becoming an entrepreneur for three main reasons:

  1. Smart Investment: You don’t need to be a millionaire to get started on the path to freedom and financial success. For most franchises, you need as little as $25,000 liquid capital and a net worth of $100,000.
    And our consultants can help you understand the options for financing your business. The end result is that your investment has immediate equity and your hard work will directly impact YOUR bottom line, NOT your boss’!
  2. Amazing Selection: With more than 3,000+ franchises to choose from — many in the services or business-to-business categories — you will find a business category that suits your personal interests and lifestyle. No longer dominated by fast food chains, the franchise world has expanded and continues to expand into every aspect of our lives. CLICK HERE TO REVIEW CURRENT OPPORTUNITIES!
  3. Proven Systems: One key benefit of purchasing a franchise is that you get a tried-and-true system that the franchisor has built to ensure success. It is like buying a “business in a box” with tools, support, training and marketing. As a franchise owner, you will also have the support of fellow franchise owners who have “been there and done that” so that you benefit from their experience. Franchises have a high rate of success as a result!

Good news… the TEO consultative services for buying a franchise are FREE. We do not charge you for our consultative services. The franchise companies that we work with value our services because we bring them serious, well-informed and qualified candidates who have done their homework and are ready to succeed. They pay us a placement fee while you get the advice and support of TEO’s experts to help you through the selection process.