Our Team

Ken Garron

Our mission at TEO is to help people who are in career transition, whether intentional or not, or those looking for an investment for the future … and those just exploring their options. Our number one goal is to help you determine if business ownership is right for you and, if so, what type of business would lead to success for you. It’s as simple as that! No pressure. No obligation.

Explore your options. Discover your path!

Amy Hartsock

As the first step in her career, Amy joined her multigenerational family business. This gave her exposure to the nuances of how successful small businesses are organized, managed, and grown. Later, she started her own sports coaching and training business. Her entire career has helped her to understand the requirements of entrepreneurism and what it takes to succeed.
Amy’s enthusiasm and experience helping and coaching others, coupled with hands-on experience in her own businesses has well prepared in her role of franchise coach at The Entrepreneur Option.
Barbara Citrenbaum

Barb loves helping people successfully move through job transitions. She is an experienced franchise coach, ex-corporate employee, successful business owner and a licensed clinical social worker. Her passion includes empowering women to succeed in business with a franchise. She is a mother of 3 adult children, 3 furry pups, and a loving partner to Dan Citrenbaum.
Chris Kennedy

Chris has been a Franchise Consultant with The Entrepreneur Option since 2014. Since joining the company, Chris has helped clients from across the United States and Canada achieve their dreams of business ownership and financial freedom.
Chris has worked closely with franchisors across all industry sectors to help them grow their brand and identify new franchisees that would be successful business owners within their franchise systems.
Chris Ziegler

After spending the first part of his career in corporate America, Chris now has extensive experience as an entrepreneur. He began by starting, building, and selling his own independent business in the energy field, after which he moved into franchising.  
As a franchise owner himself, Chris brings direct operational experience to franchise coaching. His hands-on experience running first an independent business, and then a franchise, allows him to give his coaching clients a unique perspective on the differences in franchise ownership versus starting a “do it yourself” business from scratch.
Dan Citrenbaum

Dan has been involved in advising small business owners for more than 35 years. He has helped thousands of business people realize their dreams of business ownership and controlling their own destiny. Dan has owned several businesses himself during his career. In addition to his role as a Franchise Coach with The Entrepreneur Option, he is the owner of two different franchises.
Harris Gubin

Harris is a well-respected national franchise coach and leader in the business community. With over 25 years work experience, including running his family business, he has a broad and accomplished background that spans several industries. Harris is renowned for his vast network and unique ability to build meaningful and long-lasting partnerships. He sees the franchise process as an “exploration” in which he serves as a guide, sounding board, and trusted advisor. When Harris isn’t working with clients in transition, he volunteers his time as a live auctioneer, helping nonprofits in the Greater Philadelphia region achieve – and exceed – their fundraising goals. To date, he’s raised over $2M for nonprofits. Learn more about Harris at www.franchisecoachonline.com
Jodi Hallen-Waxman

Jodi started her corporate career in the pharmaceutical industry before moving to entrepreneurship. Jodi has experience in start-ups, has owned several small businesses and currently owns multi-units of a restaurant franchise with her husband.
With over 20 years in professional marketing and business consulting, Jodi is passionate about helping others succeed in business. At The Entrepreneur Option, Jodi uses her experience to match her clients with business ownership opportunities that fit their background, interests, and hobbies.  
Jodi lives near Philadelphia with her husband, four children, and a golden doodle.
Pete Citrenbaum

As a financial advisor for 48 years, my focus was helping people to choose investments that were right for their needs. I helped clients achieve their financial goals by taking the time to learn what those goals were, then matching them with a program to achieve those.
At The Entrepreneur Option, the process is similar. I listen to my clients. I take the time to understand their goals and priorities. Then I can match them with great franchise opportunities that will help them achieve those goals.