Bored At Work But Unwilling To Quit? Try A Semi-Absentee Franchise

Are you one of those folks sitting at your cluttered desk in a room full of cubicles who finds yourself wondering everyday around 3 p.m.: “Is there something better out there for me?” But by the end of the day, you’ve convinced yourself that the steady paycheck makes it all OK. Sorry to burst your bubble, but there are two holes in that line of reasoning. First of all, in this day and age, there’s no such thing as long-term safety of an assured paycheck. Second, while you may not realize it, there’s a whole category of business ownership that enables you to start a new business of your own — and get a whole new lease on life — while continuing to collect the stable paycheck. Even if your job lasts during this era of mergers and acquisitions and the inevitable wave of layoffs that follow, do you really want to sit back on your heels and accept an unhappy state of affairs until the day you retire? Especially when there are good alternatives? Now is as good a time as any to do something to change that scenario. All it takes is a little investigation to find a semi-absentee franchise that works best for you. That’s right, there’s a whole category of franchise referred to as semi-absentee because you can run the business as a part-time job. So keep your day job as you start up a new business and start planning for the future. Semi-absentee franchises tend to be brick and mortar businesses, where customers find you, and where the system relies on a manager to run the shop. Examples include Great Clips, Supercuts and Menchies frozen yogurt. The franchise system is designed to allow the owner to spend maybe only 15 hours per week, while the manager takes care of the details. Typically, the franchisee builds up to maybe four shops, and the owner manages the manager. The owner can keep track of the business remotely while stopping in periodically to keep an eye on how things are going. The most important aspect of this arrangement is hiring a great manager who can manage the business for optimum results. Usually the franchisor will help you find that manager. Of course, you will want to do your research to make sure you find a good match and the franchise company actually performs as advertised. With a franchise, you can learn exactly what your costs will be, as well as earnings potential. Your new business will come with all the training and support you need to help you get your business up and running to profitability. Whenever you start something new, your own learning curve will likely require more hours at first, but when operations are humming, you will find the balance you seek and an exciting new endeavor to start your transition to a new career. So start investigating today.

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4 Proven Sectors For Starting A New Business

Some businesses arrive and depart about as quickly as sunrise and sunset — think cookies or cupcakes or donuts. Sort of like a one-trick pony, catering to a fleeting taste is far riskier than seeking to serve a market niche with enduring demand. Related: The Entrepreneur’s Checklist: 7 Things You Need To Start A Business Sure the new cupcake confectionery might be jammed for the few months after opening, but after a while, people may start to crave cookies, banana bread or brioches and they’ll likely end up at the full-service bakery that supplies a treat for every mood. On the other hand, some things, like certain services, just never go out of style. Think about what you need on a regular basis, related to household maintenance and upkeep, educating your children or taking care of aging parents. So when you’re contemplating starting up a new business, always consider long-term viability, larger market forces and filling an ongoing market need. You can find plenty of choices in the service sector. Among the options are:

1. Health Care

Senior care is one of the fastest growing needs as the Baby Boomers age. You can also find opportunities with businesses to modify homes for seniors.

2. Temporary Staffing

Many businesses need employees to work flexible schedules on an as-needed basis. This is especially true in this era of extra-lean corporate staffs.

3. Cleaning Services

You can find great options for house cleaning or business janitorial services. Other ideas include carpet and upholstery cleaning services. In an economy where many businesses have outsourced these jobs, opportunities abound.

4. Business Services

In one of the fastest growing segments of the franchise industry, options include printing services, business coaching services or companies that offer document shredding. So contact a franchise coach, who can help you locate a business that best matches your skills and experience. Then when you take the leap, you’re making an educated decision based on strong fundamentals and solid research.

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How To Know If You Have What It Takes To Be An Entrepreneur

Almost everyone at one time or another contemplates starting a business, whether to escape from the frustrations of corporate America or to finally find fulfillment for your creative self, long trapped in stifling jobs.  Of course, the failure rate for new businesses can seem a daunting barrier. The Small Business Administration puts the survival rate of businesses at only 50 percent over five years. The good news is that the odds for survival improve the longer you’re in business. The toughest part is getting through the uncertainties of the startup period. The truth is not everyone is suited to starting and running his or her own business. And those who succeed learn how to capitalize on their strengths and gather as much preparation as possible before startup. You do not want to learn as you go or, before you know it, your money will run out. Fortunately there are many ways within easy reach to improve your odds. First, you must answer the most basic questions about whether you’ve got entrepreneurial talent and the right experience and skills for running a business. A recent Gallup survey of entrepreneurs found that “entrepreneurial talent significantly increased one’s odds of business success.” What separated these business owners? According to the 2014 Gallup study, they were more likely to:

  • Clearly articulate their competitive advantage to their clients
  • Make decisions about pricing, product or service with their customers in mind, and
  • Spent much more time planning for growth and aligning employee responsibilities with goals

In short, they were strategic in their management. Successful entrepreneurs have confidence, independence and determination, think creatively, can delegate, seek knowledge, and build lasting relationships, according to the study. You might have the skills, knowledge and experience, accumulated after years in the workforce, to successfully manage a new business, especially if you have established backroom expertise to help you along the way. The best place to find added support is with a franchise, which comes with all the training and operating systems you need to get started in a new business. So if you feel you may come up short on some of the qualities shared by entrepreneurs, you can rely on the time-tested experts that have helped thousands succeed as new business owners.

Ready to make your dream of becoming an entrepreneur come true? Get your free evaluation today! Contact Dan Citrenbaum to help you create the career you’ve always wanted. As a business coach, Dan brings years of experience helping people select and buy a franchise or existing business. You can reach Dan at or at (484) 278-4589.  

Thinking Of Starting A Franchise Business? Follow The System!

All you have to do is read the growth projections for the franchise sector of the economy to think maybe you ought to start investigating the purchase of a franchise business of your own. Franchising looks very good, indeed, going into 2016, and while opportunities abound in this healthy economic sector, to be successful, you have to follow the program.  For most entrants into franchising, that’s the whole attraction. A franchise comes with time-tested systems for everything from marketing to employee relations that help you achieve success. The catch: You have to follow the system for it to work! Still, every year I work with new franchisees who like to flex their creative muscles as entrepreneurs and try to tweak a few things on their own. While I try very hard to discourage this attempt to reinvent the tried-and-true, some persist. Invariably, they soon realize the mistake and, unfortunately, may have to pay the price with a hit to their bottom line. For those of you who are ready to purchase a new business, where the backroom is full of experts who have been operating this business profitably for years, a franchise can be just the ticket. Just look at the numbers. The International Franchise Association projects a 3.1% growth in jobs in the franchise sector for 2016, the sixth consecutive year of growth for franchise businesses, exceeding the economic growth for all businesses economy-wide. Total output for franchise businesses are also projected to increase a rosy 5.8%. The franchise business amounts to approximately 3% of U.S. gross domestic product. The opportunities for a business of your own with a franchise are wide and deep and comprise far more than fast food and retail. In fact, business and residential services can be a great match for many looking to break free of corporate America. The cost of entry tends to be lower and you can earn a good income and take control of your career. So if you like the idea of following a system perfected over time, stop sitting on the sidelines and start researching a new franchise right away.

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Franchisees: Are You Getting Enough Support And Training?

When you buy a franchise, you expect training and support, but not all franchise companies are created equal in this department. The great selling point of a franchise is it allows you to enter a business in which you have little or no experience and start a completely new and better career. So you have every right to expect good support and training.  The best way to learn about the support franchisors provide is to talk to franchisees. They will tell you if what they got was sufficient to teach them how to run their business. How much support and training should you expect? An initial training can vary from three days total to two weeks upfront and two weeks a few months later. The latter example is an outlier — extra training in a business that requires technical expertise. More typical is a week before you open at corporate headquarters to train you how to run the business. Some franchisors will train just the owner, and the owner is expected to train employees. Some offer employee training. Usually, you can purchase additional training if you think it’s necessary. After the initial training, virtually all franchise companies offer various levels of ongoing support, that is, someone who answers your calls to help you troubleshoot various issues as they arise. The person at the other end of the line might be with corporate or a fellow franchisee, who can be a particularly helpful source of support since they’re out there in the trenches with you. The franchise company may set up franchisee support groups, which allows you to form a tight bond with a small group of franchisees you can rely on for assistance. One way this group might function is to have a standing conference call where folks can share stories and get support to help them deal with various issues. Many franchise companies have a franchise advisory council, an elected group of franchisee, who take the lead in coordinating the direction of resources. Learning is a two-way street as good franchisors will pick up new ideas from their franchisees on new efficiencies discovered in the field. The advisory councils provide a great conduit for information sharing. Most franchisors divide up their territory into regions, each with its own representative who is responsible for providing support. Some offer master franchising, where some franchisees are responsible for supporting individual franchisees in a region. For example, as an Area Representative with Always Best Care, we spend more than 60 hours a week supporting 11 franchisees in our territory. Some franchisees need more hand-holding than others, but they know they have someone who will take their calls and help them resolve day-to-day dilemmas. Another opportunity for professional development is at an annual or biannual conference. The franchisor’s conferences offer an excellent way to stay up to date with operations. The franchisor might also offer a listserv, through which you can connect with all franchisees in the system.

If The Support Is Available, Use it!

It’s not enough to know the support is available, you must avail yourself of the service. One of the biggest problems I’ve noticed among new franchisees is a reluctance to ask for help. Perhaps they want to be independent or they think that’s just the way the franchise works. You have to pipe up to find out if perhaps there is a better way that will solve a problem you may be having. Whatever else you do, don’t buy a franchise without first clearly understanding the level of training and support you can expect to receive.

Ready to make your dream of becoming an entrepreneur come true? Get your free evaluation today! Contact Dan Citrenbaum to help you create the career you’ve always wanted. As a business coach, Dan brings years of experience helping people select and buy a franchise or existing business. You can reach Dan at or at (484) 278-4589.