Buying an Existing Business

There are several ways to become a business owner.   Buying a franchise is a great option for many people.  However, for some people buying an existing business is a better fit.  This option allows you to start taking a salary immediately.  If you are considering buying an existing business it is essential to have experts help you find a strong business and ensure you make the right choice.

Acquiring a business

Buying a business is much easier with third-party professional business intermediary team. These experts focus on representing an individual and connecting them with the most appropriate opportunity. The Entrepreneur Option is a business intermediary firm that specializes in assisting prospective entrepreneurs in acquiring diverse business opportunities with between $500,000 and $5,000,000 in enterprise value. Our Personal Business Search process allows our clients to find the best possible business for their unique situation. Our search process provides significant benefits for business buyers and eases the transition from Employee to Employer.

Our Process

The Entrepreneur Option works with both the buyer and seller to ensure a successful match and proper due diligence from both parties.

Steps for Clients

  • Identify Interests – Complete The Entrepreneur Assessment, discuss goals, business objectives and determine interests and your personal checklist
  • Research Businesses – TEO searches to find the right business for sale, and assists our clients with due diligence and determining value of the business
  • Final Review and Closing – Having experts help you negotiate, processing the paperwork and marking off every item of your checklist for buying a business

Steps for Business Owners

  • Determining Expectations – Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements, Review financials and valuation of business
  • Agreements – Determine if transaction would be mutually beneficial, process Letters of Intent and matching business to the right buyer
  • Closing – Using experts to close the deal and sell your business faster
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